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10 Sep 2017
Forthcoming IAS Special Publication on fluvial meanders
Fluvial meanders and their sedimentary products in the rock record.

Fluvial meanders and their sedimentary products in the rock record.

Over recent decades, field and laboratory investigations have markedly increased our knowledge of flow dynamics and sediment distribution along river bends. Nevertheless, the most popular principles used to detect fluvial point bars and associated deposits in the stratigraphic record are still based on long-established facies models that currently do not fully account for the range of processes by which the complex stratigraphic architectures of meandering river systems are known to develop. This IAS Special Issue will reconcile results from field and laboratory investigations of modern meanders with the principles which would lead to their detection as sedimentary products in the rock record. Insight gained from developing greater understanding in this field will enhance palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and will enable more sophisticated predictive models to be developed to better understand and characterize facies heterogeneity in such deposits. This Special Issue will bring together cutting-edge research from those working on modern geomorphology and ancient preserved successions, as well as those undertaking physical and numerical modelling approaches.

Intended publication date: autumn 2018.