Fluvial Research Group


Companies that sponsor FRG-ERG automatically gain full access to a comprehensive database of results. We recognise the need to provide data and information in formats that are easy to search and we aim to provide results that are easy to digest and incorporate as solutions within company workflows.

Our results are delivered using a range of innovative knowledge-transfer techniques that enable end-users to access the information that they need in a range of industry-standard tabulated, graphical and multi-media formats.

Specific examples of deliverables available to project sponsors over the course of the project include:

  • Full results of all ongoing research projects.
  • Tabulated data sets depicting a range of modern and ancient analogue sand-body dimensions.
  • Atlases linking subsurface expression to analogue architecture.
  • Literature reviews of key works and recent developments in fluvial sedimentology.
  • Comprehensive bibliography arranged into a database searchable by keywords.
  • Relational database depicting the range of fluvial geometries and architectural styles.
  • Online training courses and self-learning resources.
  • Videos of case studies and their application as analogues for subsurface reservoir characterization.
  • Specially tailored training courses (available as an optional add-on).
  • Specially tailored field courses examining a range of modern and ancient fluvial systems (available as an optional add-on). Field course locations include SW USA, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Namibia, Spain, amongst others.

Knowledge Transfer Initiatives

  • Fluvial Architecture Knowledge Transfer System (FAKTS) - a relational database characterizing fluvial sedimentary architecture.
  • FluvLit - A comprehensive, searchable bibliographic database summarizing all aspects of fluvial literature.
  • AeoLit - A comprehensive, searchable bibliographic database summarizing all aspects of eolian literature.
  • Fundamentals of Geoscience - a growing portfolio of summary documents presenting basic information relating to the study of sedimentology and stratigraphy, with emphasis on fluvial & eolian sedimentary systems
  • Atlas of Fluvial & Eolian Facies - a graphical atlas of facies examples from a varied range of fluvial & eolian systems modern and ancient outcrop & subsurface successions.